auris plaza hotel dubai


hey folks, we spent our new year´s eve in Dubai this year. wow, it was so amazing, we were flashed by all these skyscrapers and all these luxury cars. but i will write about it in my next post, now would like to report on our stay in AURIS PLAZA HOTEL. well it was a perfect place for our stay in Dubai. It is located quite close to all the must-sees in Dubai. On the other side of the street there is a huge shopping mall with famous SKI Dubai. you don’t even take a taxi, just cross the street. besides all the shopping opportunities in it you also have a huge variety on different arabian foods, we tried the lebanese one, it was delicious. we didn´t spend too much time with eating outwards, every morning and every evening we visited hotel´s restaurant. we liked it. it will be served typical arabian food there (hummus, tabola – mmh so yummy) and of course arabian sweets – baklava – i loved it! even my stomach didn´t allow me to eat anything else, i was eating and eating and eating. :D

this hotel has a rooftop pool and a wellness area, wow it was so cozy to seat and drink a cocktail there and to observe the skycraper´s life outside.

unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures of the hotel, but i found some nice pics on


8260442_fotor48260684_fotor48264027_fotor310134469_fotor2all photos by

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